The engine and propellor, in the garden of The Pilot, is one of four Wright/Cyclone engines and propeller from a WW11, B17 Flying Fortress bomber (the same aircraft as The Memphis Belle). The artefact was accidentally snagged off Dungeness on the 18th of September 2017, by Joe Thomas and Tom Redshaw (local fishermen).

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The isolation of Dungeness had proved an irresistible lure to smuggling gangs; the absence of prying eyes and wagging tongues meant that they could carry on their work undisturbed. In a single week of 1813 free-traders were knows to have landed 12,000 gallons of brandy here. Nor was this the first cargo of spirits to cross the coastline illegally at Dungeness; 180 years earlier the local smugglers lured aground a Spanish vessel, Alfresia. They murdered the crew and looted the cargo of spirits. The ship was used to build the original Pilot which stands in the same place to this day.  You can purchase our book about the Pilot and Dungeness here.

Our Famous Fish

All served traditionally battered with chips and garden or mushy peas, new potatoes, mash or salad available on request. Fish (except Huss) can be steamed or pan-fried on request


The Holy Stones of Dungeness

Hagstones are stones that have a hole running all the way through them, and are usually found in streams or rivers, and at the seashore, where running water has created the hole in the stone.

This may be one of the reasons why they are considered so powerful, as it is a common belief that magic cannot work on running water, and these stones have been holed by running water and so retain that influence of protecting from magic. A Hagstone Hagstones are also known as Holy Stones, Holey Stones, Ephialtes Stones, Wish Stones, Nightmare Stones and Witch Riding Stones.

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Honestly this is the most picturesque place I have ever eaten. I highly recommend that you go here, enjoy the food and enjoy the view.


AMAZING! My family and I ate outside in the glorious sunshine. The fish and chips were to die for and the service was fantastic!


What a wonderful place. I have been coming here for years and I have never had a bad meal, don’t forget to take a walk down to the beach!